Monday Morning Motorway

I always make sure that on Sunday evenings I spend some time prepping for my Monday mornings. Monday morning came and I was on time and did my power shout out to “life” and I was ready for a great day!

However, this was not the case and once I started my drive all I could see was traffic and the motorway was swamped with cars and what should have been a 30-minute drive turned into an hour and a half. During this, I was uptight, angry at myself and afraid that I would miss my appointment.

I was literally ready to turn into the “Hulk”.

As I sat there in my car I thought about the next steps and called the client and explained that I would be running late and to my surprise, they said that they were about to call me and say the exact same thing.

So the phone went down and it gave me time to reflect that in such a short period I allowed my mind to take over and not control it.

When I finally got to my appointment everything went well and this time before  my drive I made sure that I checked my sat nav and the traffic jam had gone and it was back to being a 30-minute journey. If you find yourself in a similar situation like this try and recognize that these things are out of our control and don’t let that devil on your shoulder take over, and breathe through it and actually you might find like me, it can turn into a great drive and you get that added time to crank up the volume and listen to songs you haven’t heard for ages.

Sometimes in life things just happen and something small can become so big with our thoughts and how we process them. I like to call these types of thoughts “ Spam”. In emails, we get flooded by them and that’s why we have the capability to put them into the “Junk box”.

Don’t be afraid to tell them to stop and if you need to shout them out do it!!

You will be surprised that it helps and remember you control your thoughts.

We live in a world where technology plays such a big role now and my own lesson always check your sat nav.

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