The other night my girlfriend and I watched this amazing movie and we were both blown away by it.  The director had done an amazing job to show the horrors of World War I. 
A director controls the film’s artistic and dramatic aspects and uses their imagination to visualize the screenplay and then guide all to that vision. 
They will choose the cast, production, design and all other areas to ensure that their vision is brought to life!
When you consider this gift we have all been given and that is “life” we can also become our own director and create what we want and you don’t need to be an actor in your life movie.
Don’t be afraid to step off the stage and live your life and take control of your own results, and get yourself into the director’s chair. 
We can often forget who owns the script? Yet it’s your script no one else’s and you have the power to engineer your path. 
Don’t let emotions or circumstances direct us through life, take control of your destiny and build your own masterpiece.
If you need to alter the script then do it.
Become the greatest person you can and be proud of all of the movies you have created. 

“If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.” Les Brown


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