5 Tricks to Overcoming Bad Eating Habit during a Lockdown

5 Tricks to Overcoming Bad Eating Habit during a Lockdown.

Coronavirus disease has spread rapidly, even in the United Kingdom, despite the lockdown. Obviously, the first lockdown had some adverse effects on some people, but people adjusted to the new normal as time goes by. If you can survive the first lockdown, then the lockdown recently declared is not an issue. In my previous post, I clearly explained how to overcome bad eating habits developed during the lockdown, which has helped several people. Now, I will give you 5 tricks to avoid overeating during this second lockdown. So, sit tight and let us rock it together.

Be Creative: The first trick is creativity, which is inherent in all people. Presently, everyone remains indoors, and those who are doing 3-5 jobs only hang at home with the family. Therefore, it is easy to get bored or mentally ill when you turn on your T.V only to listen to the negative impacts of the pandemic across the globe. A good number of people, including you, might decide to eat junk, snacks, and others to comfort themselves. To conquer this temptation, you need to be creative. First, create and make a good strategy for your meal plan and ensure that you take nutritious foods to meet your health goals. Second, think about the issue that you are passionate about and how the pandemic has impacted current solutions, and then think of a way you can provide solutions. This is very important, most especially if you are an entrepreneur or aspiring to be an entrepreneur.

Be Motivated: The pandemic has shattered the spirits and demotivated a large number of people. Only sitting on a sofa, watching T.V and eating snacks will inevitably lead to a poor eating habit that you would be shocked at how you developed the habit. So, you must consider the following to stay motivated during this difficult time and change your attention from food:

1. Remember the goals you set to achieve before the year runs out.

2. Read books that will inspire you because motivation is like a fire that must keep burning daily.

3. Imagine yourself reaching your goals and imagine what you would have accomplished while staying at home.

Exercise: Exercise is very important. It helps to controls weight, combats health conditions and diseases, improves mood, boosts energy, and promotes better sleep. It can also be fun, especially when you are doing it with friends and family. Instead of comforting yourself with food and end up developing bad eating habits, you can just consider exercise. When you keep your mind fixed on your health goals, you would be able to overcome bad eating habits that may develop during this lockdown period. Medically, if you eat and sit in a place, you will add more calories. You have the opportunity to burn off those fats before the lockdown, but what happens during this lockdown period? Always engage in daily exercise, perhaps early in the morning and late in the evening, to keep fit. Doing this would give you a sense of responsibility to watch over your diets, helping you overcome the bad eating habits that are likely to arise. The main sources of nutrition for the body, however are carbohydrates and fats. Exercise goes a long way in burning off those fats because the body needs more calories than it has. The fat cells shrink as the fat is metabolized for fuel which in turns help you to lose weight.

By modifying your eating habits, you can produce a calorie deficit, but exercise is crucial to dropping more weight. “Jeanine says, “When you are just on a diet, about half of your weight loss will come from muscle and half from fat. But if you perform physical exercise as well, fat will account for up to 80% of the weight you lose.” Add strength training and you will hang on to even more of your muscle, resulting in a higher metabolic rate of rest and daily calorie burning.”

Spending Time with Close Friends: You can be tempted to keep company with snacks, junks, and the like during this period. Of course, it is normal to have such feelings because adapting to the current situation may be difficult as most people are used to meeting people every day at work, school, and other centres. To avoid overeating during this second lockdown, try to spend time with your friends, maybe through social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Zoom App, Instagram, etc. This will help you address the problem of loneliness, feel alive, and be challenged to do more to become your best and maximize your time.

Know your Limits: This is very important when it comes to the way you eat. You must know your limit. You should know how much and how well you can eat. Also, you should know when your eating habits change and possibly the factors responsible for it. Don’t blame yourself if you have already been experiencing bad eating habits because this post intends to help you overcome these habits.

How To Overcome Bad eating Habits during Lockdown

How To Overcome Bad eating Habits during Lockdown

COVID-19 pandemic disrupted a lot of things, including foods consumption pattern of human beings. Early this year, when the lockdown began, a lot of people purchased food items to sustain them through the period of the lockdown. But as the pandemic worsens, people began to use food to comfort themselves, hence, overeat or even eat 4-5 times a day to feel better. The result of this eating habit is a cycle of excess eating and related problems, including weight gain, which makes people feel remorse or embarrassed. Do you develop lousy eating habit during the lockdown and seriously looking for solutions? If yes, this article will help you out. Sit-down comfortably, get a glass of coffee and grab my tips on how to overcome bad eating habits developed during the lockdown.

Become aware and recognize the facts about your eating habits

Failure to recognize that you have an issue to deal with is a problem, and it’s always very frustrating. So, it’s imperative to understand that you have a terrible eating habit. This will help you become more aware and open to ideas to deal with it.  You could assess your eating pattern by asking yourself some self-targeted questions about how you eat. Below are lists of questions that will help you to discover yourself and deal with the problem of bad eating habit:

  1. How do I feel?
  2. When am I feeling depressed the most?
  3. What situations make it hard for me to control my unwanted eating habits?
  4. What kinds of food am I craving for, and when?
  5. Am I easily transferred to any food that goes around?

Create a good eating plan for the day and maintain it 

Having recognized that you have a bad eating habit, the next step is to create a good eating plan. This is because a good eating plan will prevent you from going to the kitchen, stopping by at any nearby restaurant or buying snacks or unnecessary nosh. Health24 also recommended a bit of time for work, relaxation, exercise, sleeping, and contact with others to kill the urge of either going to the kitchen or stopping by at any nearby restaurant unnecessarily. If you have a planned eating outline, you are less likely to feel like there are a space and a drawing to eat, which can make you feel confused and may lead to overeating. So, get a book and a pen right away and create your eating plan.

Become concentrated

You cannot overcome poor eating habits when you forget your set goal of forming a new eating pattern. So, besides paying attention to what you eat and drink, you also need to focus on your schedule. Nutritionists and Dieticians suggested that people suffering from poor eating habit would be able to adjust if they focus on their eating plan and constantly check the list of food materials or ingredients presented to them or purchased. This will help them become more mindful of what they consume.

Avoid making up meals if you skipped a meal

It is possible to skip meals when you have tons of work, activities, or project you are working on, especially if you are working from home or you leave early for office. You may also not feel any hunger if you want to finish up a movie you’re watching because it is interesting. Look, it happens to everyone daily!

However, you may revolve to overeat when you felt you hadn’t eaten all day and you need to make up for those meals. This is a bad habit, and you must avoid it, else your food eaten pattern will become worse. Try to take breaks at intervals, especially when you are extremely busy. During such times, most especially at breaks, you could connect with your body, and when you know that you need to eat, you can get back to the task. By doing that, you would stop the habit of making up meals by overeating once you skipped a meal.